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Why summer is the perfect time to get new windows

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Why summer is a great time for new windows & doors

Why summer is a great time for new windows & doors

Sometimes it feels like we spend half of the year just waiting for summer to come around. We love the late nights spent in beer gardens, the daytrips to the beach and the smoky smell of barbecues that wafts through the air at the weekend.

We also feel like summer is the ideal time to get things done – we don’t know about you, but the sunshine just motivates us to do all of those things we’ve been putting off and it can often be the most productive of the seasons. With that renewed sense of energy in mind, here’s why we think that summer is the perfect time to get new windows. Read More

Creating a bright and airy conservatory

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Would a conservatory improve your home?

Would a conservatory improve your home?

Conservatories increase the value of your property, create additional living and entertaining space, offer expansive views of your garden and are the perfect place to sneak a snooze after a hearty Sunday lunch – the benefits to a conservatory are seemingly endless.

However, we also appreciate that choosing to add a conservatory to your home is a big decision. Once you’ve committed to it, you need to start thinking about how you’re going to decorate and furnish the space in order to maximise its potential. To help you out, here are some of our top design ideas for creating a bright and airy conservatory. Read More

What are the benefits of porches for your home?

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Enhancing your home with a custom-built porch is a simple and cost-effective way to make your property more spacious, secure, energy-efficient and soundproof, as well as hugely increasing its curb appeal. You can add value to your home with a stylish porch that is tailor-made to your requirements – ensuring, of course, that it complements your existing windows and doors. Whether you are considering a porch for the front, side or rear of your property, you can rest assured that there are many benefits. Read More

What are composite windows and are they right for your property?

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Do you have composite windows in your home?

Do you have composite windows in your home?

When it comes to windows, all materials have their merits. Timber window frames are durable and low maintenance as well as aesthetically pleasing, plastic is affordable, and aluminium is a strong material, offering robust protection to window frames no matter the weather – it’s also a hard worker, insulating your home and reducing those pesky energy bills.

With benefits to every option out there, it can be hard to know which the right choice is for you. That’s where we think the big draw of composite windows lies – it’s the best of both worlds and won’t leave you having to compromise on looks or quality. Let us explain… Read More

Three reasons why you need bifold doors in your home

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Why you should have bifold doors in your homeBifold doors offer the perfect blend of good looks and practicality, so it’s easy to see why they have become immensely popular in recent years, particularly in residential properties. Whether you’re planning a new extension or looking for a quick and easy way to overhaul a room, bifold doors offer a number of benefits.

Here are our top three reasons why you should consider bifold doors for your home. Read More

Matching window styles for a house extension – why is this important?

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Matching window styles for Surrey house extensionsWhen building a new extension, there are many factors to consider, from choosing the right contractor to dealing with planning permission and building regulations. Thinking about windows may not be very high on your agenda, or may not even feature on your to-do list at all. But it’s something that needs careful consideration, because the windows you choose for your extension can make all the difference when it comes to blending your extension properly with the rest of the house. Read More

How is gentrification changing our window habits?

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Gentrification is changing window styles in LondonGentrification is taking place all across London, Surrey, Essex and Kent, and turning run-down areas into vibrant, attractive and smart residential spots. Just look at Hackney: the once bleak working-class North East London borough has seen a dizzying transformation in the past few years, with independent coffee shops, cocktail bars and gastropubs popping up in every nook and cranny, frequented by young, trendy professionals with plenty of cash to spare. Indeed, according to research by Cambridge University, Hackney is one of the top five most up-and-coming boroughs in London, along with Tower Hamlets, Greenwich, Lambeth, and Hammersmith and Fulham, due to economic improvements within the neighbourhoods. Read More

Just how soundproof can double glazing be?

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Sound proof your home with new double glazingWe think of the home as a quiet, cosy sanctuary that allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world. For many homeowners, though, all sorts of noises find their way into the house. You might live in the flight path of an airport, have a railway line that runs along the bottom of your garden, or have a house that sits behind a big factory. You may just live on a busy road, or in the centre of town where people are always coming and going. Whatever the cause of the disruption, you’ve probably been thinking about different ways to soundproof your home. So, that leads to the question: how soundproof is double glazing? Read More

Emergency double-glazed windows now available

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We can manufacture windows within 24 hours

We can manufacture windows within 24 hours

Sometimes you need new double-glazed windows in a hurry. Whether it’s in a domestic or commercial property, situations like a break-in, an accident, or a supplier delivering the wrong size windows can all result in a need for replacement windows, fast. When an emergency like this occurs, you need a supplier who can deliver replacement double glazing with an extremely short turnaround.

Protect your property quickly

Secure windows are an essential part of keeping a property safe. Even if only one window is compromised, and even if it was the result of an accident, not a break-in, the security of the whole property could be at risk. Whether it’s your home or business, this can be an extremely stressful situation. Read More

Latest window trends in London

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Keeping an eye on latest window styles trends in LondonWindows can create an entirely new look and feel for your home, helping you maximise light, create exciting features and make the most of your space. As well as all this, the right choice of windows can make your home more energy efficient and add real value to the property. Like any design feature, window trends come and go, but there are consistent trends we’ve seen in and around London that are holding firm.

Connecting the indoors to the outdoors

Outdoor space is at a premium in London, and those who are fortunate to have some, no matter how small, want their windows to make the absolute most of it. For many homeowners, this means opening up key rooms like the kitchen, lounge and dining room so that they connect seamlessly to the outdoors, mainly through the use of large windows and folding doors, such as our wide range of bifold door options. These ‘open walls’ on the exterior of a property offer maximum views and easy access to the garden or terrace area, and it’s a trend that has proven especially popular among families with young children and those who love entertaining. Read More

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